Managed Digital Services

Website Development

I work with small businesses to design websites that convert their viewers into customers and clients. With a very modern feel, and a strong focus on ease-of-use, they showcase your business and attract your audience.

Blogging & Copywriting

Writing content that draws your reader in can be tricky. I work closely with individuals to ensure that their products and services are highlighted and their audience isn't detracted by long walls of text, and unclear statements. I'm here to make your business POP, and that starts with great copy.

Google Optimization

With 40,000 searches happening every second, Google receives 3.5 billion worldwide searches a day. Your presence on the most widely used search engine is crucial! I'll not only help you get a verified listing and rank you with your competition, but ensure customer reviews and messages are handled with care.

Social Media

You are one of 25 million active Facebook users in Canada, and 74% of these individuals are considered to be high-income. An outdated, rarely updated, or non-existent presence on relevant social media channels could be crippling to your business. We'll work together to kickstart your company's social presence and get your audience engaging with your content.

Print Product

While my primary focus is to ensure that your business excels on the digital stage, I also do print product design for my customers when requested. I've designed business cards, company profiles, signage, and more for my clients. 

Server Management

The server that your website runs off of is like its backbone. I'm comfortable setting up and managing my own hosting environments, and have taken that knowledge forward in vetting top-tier companies to host your website with. This ensures that you get the most out of your money, while ensuring a secure and reliable backend for your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know exactly what services I need?

That's totally fine! I've come to find that many small businesses don't know what they need. They know that should take a leap forward digitally, or that their competition is doing X, but they don't know how to get there. When we chat (currently happening virtually), we will go over some of the key services that I provide and look at the areas you'd like to begin engaging in. Then I'll make some suggestions for where I see you being able to stretch your dollars in having me on your team.

Do you also design logos for my business?

I do not currently offer logo design services. See below for more details.

What if I need services that you don't provide?

Like logo design above, there are likely some services that I am unable to provide you. In these instances, I will help you network out so that you can acquire the right people for those jobs. 

So, you'll post to social media for our business?

Yes, if that is an area of my services that we agree would be of great benefit to your business. I engage from a holistic approach and focus on the tasks and services your business needs most. If you feel like you've got this social media gig down, that's fine too! I'm flexible, and can provide anything from minor tweaks and changes, to teaching you how to engage online with your audience, and managing it all for you if you just don't have the time.

Is your work done remotely, or do you need to be present at our location?

With COVID still looming over head, nearly everything will be done remotely at this time. However, if there are things that are needed in person, we can make those arrangements as we go. Working with technology isn't black and white, sometimes we have to adapt midway through a process to handle a challenge or hurdle.

What do you charge for your services?

Price isn't ever pre-determined before meeting my clients. You (hopefully) have some budget defined for marketing, and I work hard to fit my services into that budget. Sometimes that means we get everything you're looking for. Sometimes it means we look a bit more in-depth at where your dollars are going to be best spent in utilizing me on your team. Price will be discussed with you personally when we chat.

This website is a little playful, will mine be more professional?

Of course (unless this sort of design compliments your business). When designing, I take many factors into account like: your target audience, the vision and 'style' of your business, what content you want reflected online, the goals of your digital presence, and more. You can check out my portfolio to see some of the other work I have done for my clients.

How do you get the content for my website?

If I am designing a website for you, be it a new site or updating your old one, the content that goes on the site is important. Quality content can convert visitors into customers, and poor content can drive them away. The copy (text that you see on the pages) is arguably one of the most crucial aspects of a website build. I'll work with you to understand your business, get foundational content from you (images and text) and then work to turn this content into copy that converts.

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