Sending Information Securely

Before sending me that financial document, account login, or other piece of sensitive content, read this page.

Don't Send This Content

Over Unencrypted Email, SMS, a Phone Call, Facebook Messenger, etc.

  • Passwords or login information
  • Financial information or documents
  • CRA or Government documents
  • Scans of personal or business pieces of ID
  • Documents containing multiple pieces of yours or my personal information (name + address + date of birth + phone number)
  • Social insurance number(s)
  • Incorporation or licensing documents
  • Legal documents

Use These Instead

End-to-End Encrypted Forms of Communication

  • Signal Private Messenger (I'll set an expiration time on the conversation)
  • Ask me to send you a secure ProtonMail email and click Reply Securely once you've received it. I will password protect this email and set a short(er) expiration time on it
  • Send me an email from your ProtonMail account to any of my emails. This will be end-to-end encrypted automatically.
  • Visit my "Share Securely" site and add your text or document. For optimal security, you should add a password that I'd be able to guess. The default expiration time is set to 1 week, but you can lower it if needed.
  • Use Bitwarden Send to transmit the content/file to me (works the same as my Share Securely Site
  • Discuss it with me privately in person
  • Ask me to upload it to my Filen Drive and send it to you. I will password protect the link and set a short(er) expiration time on the folder before sharing it.


If you just read this page and cursed at me for making it, I feel your pain. It isn't easy adapting from the way you've always done things. Send me an email or shoot me a call and I'll walk you through everything one-on-one. We can problem solve this together.

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