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Summit Meats & Sausage

Take a look at how my work for our family owned and operated business has developed a strong digital presence, increased customer engagement, and driven traffic inside the doors of our meat shop from late 2020 to present.

Summit Meats Website Screenshot - Web Design by Joshua Johnson
Summit Meats Logo - Website Design by Joshua Johnson

Continuing Down The Family Tree

Our Lanovaz' Family is now onto our 4th generation working inside of our family-owned businesses. It only made sense for me to climb onboard and take over much of the tech work at Summit Meats. In 2020, we underwent a major rebrand courtesy of DangerDynamite! which kickstarted my redesign of our website and push for a greater digital stance on major social media channels and on Google.

From Non-Existent to Fully Redesigned

When my parents took over Summit Meats in 2016, we all knew that the website needed a makeover. I began working on one in my spare time, but it sat dormant with just a "Coming Soon" splash page for a number of years. It wasn't until the summer of 2020 when I breathed life into that side of the business with a full redesign showcasing our new brand identity.

Leading With Google My Business

Google My Business has been a big focus of our digital marketing this last year. We made a big push to rank in the top 3 "Local Pack" spots for certain Google Search Keywords. The result has been a steady climb up the Google ladder to the prime placement in 1st place. This has involved lots of online customer interaction (which I handle), updating of our Google Profile, and regularly posting to both Google and our other social media channels.

Summit Meats GMB Profile

SEO? We're Crushing That Too!

Alongside my push for the top of the GMB Local Pack, we also wanted to get our new website ranking among our competition. Prior to this 2020 redesign, we had actually been penalized from Google for our website presence (or lack of, I should say). Since then, I've been putting in many hours to rank our site for both generic and niche keywords. We're happy to be climbing this ladder as well and getting our name out there in the Google world.

Growing Together With RCF

In late summer of 2021, I stumbled upon a community initiative in Saskatoon that really struck me hard. The Riversdale Community Fridge was founded to help combat food insecurity in our city, and has since provided food for countless individuals and families. After learning about the fridge, I went back to our shop to open the floor for discussion around food waste. 2 days later, I had met with the founders of the RCF and we made our first donation of ready-to-eat packaged meats to the fridge.

RCF - Summit Meats First Donation

Our 1st Donation to RCF

RCF - Summit Meats Second Donation

Our 4th of Many Donations to RCF

A Believer in Community Impact

We didn't make a donation to get ourselves into the spotlight. We didn't make our donation as some PR stunt. We donated because I came to the Summit Meats team with a cause I felt strongly about and we had a means to provide our support. I'm a believer in giving the world a good reason to follow in your footsteps and we are hopeful that our engagement with the RCF will be a catalyst for other local businesses. Our social media push has also helped to highlight the community need for this fridge and how other businesses can get involved, which is truly amazing.

RCF Summit Meats Facebook Post
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