Project Breakdown:
Biggar Bites

I've been working for a local catering company on an as-needed basis providing social media marketing services and web design. Designed her original site for her back in 2021 and completed a redesign to follow her new branding in 2023.

Biggar Bites - New Logo Black

 The First Website Build

Like many do coming from a small town, Marcy and I were already acquainted before she contacted me for some digital assistance. We looked at re-designing her website to allow her more flexibility online and give her a chance to showcase more of her services at the time. This build lasted from 2021-2023.

Social Media Marketing

After the first iteration of her website was completed and live, Marcy would bring me back a couple times throughout the year to make changes or aid her in other social media ventures/ideas. Although I still do some social media for her, it isn't as extensive as it was in the beginning where I was helping her set her accounts up and get listed on Google.

Rebranding Her Company

Around the middle of 2022, Marcy (with my initial guidance) contracted a digital marketing agency to do a re-brand of her business. From the start, all Marcy ever had was a logo. There was no formal brand behind Biggar Bites. Once re-branded, it took us a few months to engage with this new brand, dive into the assets, and get going with the new direction. By the end of 2022, we were working on the design of her new site.

The Second Website Build

For her new website, we kept things very simple and clean this time. Marcy was still interested in blogging from time-to-time, but no longer needed the full functionality with WooCommerce, subscription plugins, and ability for people to sign-up/pay online. The new site stepped back a notch while still providing relevant information for her new Eatery, her Catering business, and her Food Truck. I used the brand themes for each of the three segments of her Biggar Bites business to break up the website.

Design & Development Tools

The design for Marcy's website was done with ThriveThemes on WordPress. I then pulled her brand elements into Canva and created some templates to aid in updating her Eatery Menu on her website and give her more stability in staying on brand with social media postings.

WordPress Logo
ThriveSuite Logo

Other Marketing & Adventures

Some of the other marketing and digital adventures I've added Biggar Bites with are: MS Word & PDF document creation, marketing for the YXE Food Truck Wars, intermediary for re-branding, social media content creation, Google My Business setup and management, Apple Maps setup and management, and more.

Like What You See?

Are you looking for a site with similar functionality as the one I designed for Marcy with Biggar Bites? Get in touch with me to discuss your project needs. I'd love to work with you!

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