Project Breakdown:
Biggar Bites

Was contacted by a local catering company to increase her company's digital footprint. Started with a new website build and slowly transitioned into contract digital marketing as needed for her endeavours.

Biggar Bites Website - Full Screen Capture
Biggar Bites Logo - Saskatoon Web Design by Joshua Johnson

 Stage 1 - Discovery & Discussion

Like many do coming from a small town, Marcy and I were already acquainted before she contacted me for some digital marketing. The pandemic was in full-swing and she was ready to hit the digital stage to keep her audience engaged. We started discussing her plans, goals, and where I thought her time and money would be best spent. 

Stage 2 - Planning

During our discussions, we decided that a more robust website needed to be built out. She had some big ideas, I had some big ideas, and much of those ideas would hinge on having a website as a backbone. Although we had some big plans for the website, we both realized that it would be best to just get a simple design out for her catering and food truck and go from there.

Stage 3 - Development

Development of the new website went well. I kept a very clean look and feel while designing and ensured that the site wouldn't seem cluttered or "full" to her audience and customers. Behind the curtain, there's a solid foundation for future additions, like email marketing and a blog, that haven't been launched yet. Using the ThriveSuite of tools, the website is easily customizable, but designed to minimize the amounts of annual edits needed.

Stage 4 - Design Completed

As the design and development for the new site completed, Marcy launched to her audience on both Facebook and Instagram, but still had her eyes set on further adventures in her digital landscape. I was, of course, ready to help her see those visions through to production and launch as best I could.

Stage 5 - Revisions & Additions

One of these additions happened when Marcy decided that she'd like to launch a local subscription box service, called Biggar Bites Bundles. Curating products from local artisans of food, Marcy began planning the bundles while I got to work on adding WooCommerce, Subscriptions, and a Payment Gateway to her website. The final product never did launch, but will hopefully get off the ground in the future.

Design & Development Tools

As we both weren't sure where this new digital adventure would take Marcy and Biggar Bites, I ensured that scalability was at the forefront of my design and development. In current form, to users who aren't logged in, the site is a simple 3-page build. But behind the scenes, WooCommerce, an entire blogging section, and email marketing sign up forms lay dormant for the time when Marcy is ready to leap forward digitally.

WordPress Logo
ThriveSuite Logo

Other Marketing & Adventures

Alongside her new website build, I have also been working with her on other tech-related adventures and digital marketing. I've assisted her in getting new email setup and working on her phone and computer, developed Word Documents and PDFs for her winter meal planning side-venture, and helped her with marketing for the 2021 Food Truck Wars in Saskatoon.

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