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All Out Drilling

See how I've taken a small-town water well drilling company to the digital grand stage over a multi-year period with web design, marketing, and computer support. I am currently employed as a digital manager for All Out Drilling and continue to provide digital services and support for them year-round.

All Out Drilling - Website Design by Joshua Johnson in Saskatoon - Full Screen Capture
All Out Drilling - Logo

Small Beginnings: A Website Proposal

Shortly after their company started to get off the ground in 2017, I approached All Out Drilling about designing a website for them. The company was comprised of 3 owners at the time - two brothers and their childhood friend. I had graduated with one of the 3 owners, so building up our relationship came without challenge. They were ecstatic to have a website, and someone to call on for all tech related questions and jobs.

The Website Design

Their website began as just 3 pages (Home - Services - Contact) and has since morphed to include local landing pages for communities they engage with, a careers page, resources page, and a blog that remains behind the curtain for now. The entire site has been developed on WordPress using the ThriveSuite of tools for the design.

A Dedicated Company Role

In late 2020, I started working in a more dedicated role for All Out Drilling. During this time I sat down with Brody, one of the company owners, and we hashed out a plan for a big changes come 2021. We wanted to make a big digital shift, deploy more marketing strategies, and focus on client acquisition. We focussed on client acquisition and brand identity with SEO, Google/Facebook Ads, and regular social media and Google My Business posting.

SEO: Climbing The Google Ladder

Early 2021, I hit the ground running with a dedicated approach to SEO. We started by developing local landing pages for many of the communities they frequently drill in (Lake Diefenbaker - Swift Current - Meadow Lake - etc.). This then lead into content editing, keyword highlighting in copy, and backlinking for domain authority. Once all of this was finished, I reached out to some industry leaders in SEO for a second look at my work, and we started ranking on Google for many of the top keywords we were targeting.

All Out Drilling - SEO - Top Google Ranking

Print Media Marketing

In 2021 and 2022, I also made a consistent effort to improve their print media marketing. We wanted to ensure that all documents being put out into the world had the "All Out Flare", as Brody would say. This meant focussing more on their brand, and ensuring consistent use of the logo, brand colours, and fonts across a variety of print product.

AOD - Company Profile 2021 Mockup

Analyzing Growth: 2023 YTD

In 2021, we made a big marketing push with SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Kijiji, and more. This brought in around 150 website inquiries and over 200 inquiry phone calls. Thus far in 2023, we've had 185 contact form submissions on our website, 17 direct emails from potential leads, and an estimated 200 calls in the last 4 months alone. 

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AOD Google Ads Reporting

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